Below is a list of Arklow Parish and Community groups . Click on the group name below for more information. If you would like your community group or service to appear on our website please contact the Parish Office.

Altar Servers

This group of young men and women from our primary and secondary schools assist the Parish Community in its liturgical prayer. In addition to the special opportunity afforded to the servers to participate in the liturgy, other goals of the altar server programme are: to help them develop a better understanding of their faith.

Practice for Altar servers takes place on a weekly basis in the Church.

Other activities include a day of recollection and the altar servers outing.

Arklow Parish Hospitality Group

Arklow Parish Hospitality Group recognises that hospitality is an important aspect of the Social Life of their Parish and aims to promote Parish Hospitality and fellowship among Parishioners and guests.

The group hosts receptions for a variety of parish functions in the Parish Centre, Árus Lorcáin. The group is made up of 13 dedicated volunteers. Major responsibilities are in preparing and running various parish social events including planning, set-up, operation and clean – up; and purchasing food

A coffee morning is held in Árus Lorcáin on the second Sunday of the month after 9a.m. and 10.45a.m. Masses. All are invited and very welcome to drop in for a cuppa and a chat.

Christ gave us the exquisite example of hospitality at the last supper when he got down and washed the disciple’s feet.
And he commanded us, who would claim to be his followers, to do likewise.

New members are always welcome.


Hilary Sharpe.
Tel: (085) 112 0642
Email: [email protected]

Arklow Parish Lourdes Group

The Arklow Parish Lourdes arranges trips to Lourdes during September each year.

Due to the generosity of local businesses, Societies, Arklow Town Council and the sale of our Local Telephone Directory we have over the last number of years been in a position to financially assist parishioners who otherwise would have been unable to go to Lourdes. An average of eighty pilgrims travel with the group every year. It is 50 years since the first Arklow pilgrims travelled to Lourdes.


Bridget or Dermot Greene.
Tel: (0402) 33 171
Mobile: (087) 631 4477

Baptismal Preparational Group

Baptisms take place on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month after 11.30 a.m. Mass.

(Please give two weeks notice to the Parish Office).

The Baptismal Preparation Group consists of parishioners who have received a specialised theological training enabling them to assist parents and godparents prepare for the baptism of their children.

Parents with children for Baptism are invited to a preparation meeting in Árus Lorcáin on the Thursday night prior to the Baptism. The team discusses various aspects of Baptism with the parents and godparents and the Rite of Baptism is explained. Parents with children for Baptism are invited to participate in the pre-Baptismal Preparation whether they want to have their child baptised in this parish or another parish.

At the Baptism the team members assist the priest and organise family members in the Church. Some weeks after the child’s Baptism, the team visits the home and brings Baptismal water and a booklet on the Faith to the parents.


Parish Office (0402) 317 16

Eucharistic Ministers

The purpose of this ministry is to assist in distributing the Blessed Sacrament at all Masses. They also carry the Blessed Sacrament to the sick and housebond. This service includes bringing the Eucharist to the housebound on the occasion of special celebrations in our parish. A roster is prepared each year for every Minister denoting their Mass times. Distributing Holy Communion at each morning Mass is arranged on a weekly basis. Eucharistic Ministers participate in special training and periods of recollection for spiritual growth.

Friends of the Bereaved

The Friends of the Bereaved is a group of parishioners who have received special training in counseling of the bereaved. We meet on a monthly basis and offer support group meetings for those who are bereaved either in their homes or in Árus Lorcáin. We are involved in the annual November Mass for the deceased.

New members are welcome.


C. O’Reilly/ P. O’Boyle at the Parish Office at (0402) 317 16.

Liturgy Group

The Parish Liturgy Group assists in the preparation for day to day parish liturgies and special celebrations. They meet on a monthly basis in Árus Lorcáin to discuss and prepare the different liturgies. They also assist in helping the Priests with liturgies for First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Family Mass Liturgy
The Family Mass takes place in our Parish Church each Saturday at 6.30 p.m.

The Parish Liturgy Group work with a group of young people who participate in this Liturgy each week. The Liturgy of the Mass is simplified in accordance with the norms for “Masses with Young People” and there is a powerpoint presentation of the readings and prayers of the Mass.


Denise Rowlands
Tel: (086) 104 9769.

Ministers of the Word

This group of men and women proclaim the Word of God at Sunday and weekday liturgies. Ministers of the Word also, from time to time, participate in the parish and diocesan workshops for spiritual growth and seek to maintain appropriate skills and qualities needed for the proclamation of the Word. Readers receive rosters every two months.


Geraldine English.
Tel: (0402) 317 16

Parish Finance & Building Committee

This committee, comprising of priests and parishioners act as a consultative body to the parish priest, who as the juridical person has the ultimate responsibility for the financial administration of the parish. This committee advises on finances, insurance, maintenance and development of parish property. Parish accounts are audited and published annually.


Parish Office (0402) 317 16

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council was formed in the year 2001, from the Parish Development and Renewal Group. Its constitution allows for fifteen members and the priests of the parish. Ten of the fifteen members are nominated by the parish community, the remaining five members are chosen by the priests.

The objectives of the Council are:

  • Listen and respond to the hopes, ideas, needs and concern of parishioners and the people of God throughout the diocese.
  • Be a vibrant and visible group within the parish, working together and promoting meaningful parishioner involvement at all levels of parish life.
  • Reflect on and plan future directions for the parish and prioritise initiatives to be undertaken.
  • Provide the on-going formation, evaluation and training for Council members and existing groups in the parish.
  • Be a channel of communication within the parish and diocese.
  • Recognise work already done, affirm the contribution of those involved and celebrate the gifts and achievements of all parishioners.

A newsletter is published quarterly by the Parish Pastoral Council. A sub group of the Pastoral Council work hard to ensure that the newsletter contains information from both Parish and community.

Contact :

Parish Office (0402) 317 16

R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

(Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion for Adults)

Our parish with the help of a team of parishioners offers a Faith Education Programme and Process for adults and teenagers who wish to be baptised or welcomed fully into the Catholic Church. Those welcome to enrol for this programme include those who have been baptised already into a Christian Church other than the Catholic Church, those who have not been baptised or those who have not yet received the Eucharist and Confirmation.


Parish Office (0402) 317 16

Tel : (0402) 317 16 | Email : [email protected]
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