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Prayer at 1p.m.

As a community lets us take three minutes to pray for the protection of our global community against Covid – 19.   At 1pm where ever you are; at home, playing with the children, at work, walking the dog, having a cup of tea.

Light a candle if you can.

Gather the children if they are with you or whoever is in your home, or pray alone.

Remember we are all praying together at this time and so no one is alone at this time, we are all connected through prayer.

Take a breath and visualise the protection of our global community.

Begin the prayer from St Patrick’s Breastplate.

I arise today through the strength of heaven

Light of sun, radiance of moon

Splendor of fire, speed of lightning

Swiftness of wind, depth of the sea

Stability of earth, firmness of rock

I arise today through God’s strength to pilot me

God’s eye to look before me

God’s wisdom to guide me

God’s way to lie before me

God’s shield to protect me

From all who shall wish me ill

Afar and a-near

Alone and in a multitude

Against every cruel, merciless power

That may oppose my body and soul

Christ with me,

Christ before me,

Christ behind me,

Christ in me,

Christ beneath me,

Christ above me,

Christ on my right,

Christ on my left,

Christ when I lie down,

Christ when I sit down,

Christ when I arise,

Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,

Christ in every eye that sees me,

Christ in every ear that hears me.

Or pray using https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGHWiAGpIP0

Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to stop and pray at 1pm everyday with Arklow parish.

The text in blue may be the part of the prayer to pray with children, maybe you could make up actions for this prayer. Or pray one Hail Mary with them.

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